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Our work with the British Broadcasting Corporation.

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The challenge

The BBC, recognised worldwide, appointed us to make an accessible mobile app that would deliver their new online service for the Welsh language, BBC Cymru Fyw, to the broadest reach of people possible.

Wales has a population of over 3M. That’s a lot of different devices and operating systems to support – not to mention a responsibility to sustaining the BBC brand’s reputation and integrity. We love a big challenge!

BBC Cymru Fyw logo
Fig1. BBC Cymru Fyw logo © British Broadcasting Corporation.
BBC Cymru Fyw BBC Cymru Fyw

Our approach

Often, people ask, ‘can you just do something simple for us?’ But to make something look simple can often be a very complex thing.

When you need to pull in multiple feeds from many different sources and convert them into format that the maximum number of people can digest, user experience is essential.

The team was up to the task and we pulled together everything into an app that overcomes many technical and performance issues which crop up when dealing with high availability, dynamic news feeds.

It’s essential the service be available on all devices and is easy to use. Making the best use of technology in a world where information is driven by mobile devices, so we’re very proud to unveil this exciting new app.
Sian Gwynedd, Head of Welsh Language Programmes & Services: BBC Cymru Wales.


Available for iOS and Android devices, the BBC Cymru Fyw app features the top stories and latest headlines from 8am daily, a magazine section with opinion, a live blog, and access to listen to live BBC radio.

The BBC Cymru Fyw app was nominated for a Celtic Media Award. It’s a great product and it was really rewarding to collaborate with a variety of teams within the public service broadcaster, in bringing together the expertise, knowledge and content for this app.

BBC Cymru Fyw BBC Cymru Fyw

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